Shorter Works

“I first met Gwartney at a book reading where we discovered our lives had unknowingly intersected many times.” Buried Lives and Divided Selves: An Interview with Debra Gwartney Terrain

“I want to tell her I just sanitized my own hands with 60% ethanol, that I haven’t been sick, but no—I can’t speak. The air we share is too dangerous.” Calm Black Earth Institute April Blog

“In October 2017 I became a mariner. I set sail from Longyearbyen, Svalbard, ten degrees from the North Pole.” Slime Redemption About Place Journal (Pushcart Prize Nomination)

“One morning at six, we’re anchored at Farmbukta near the top of the Svalbard archipelago. I’m on deck marveling at the haystack-like rocks, dusted in snow, rising from the sea.” Arctic Chronicles Washington State Magazine

dj lee burningwood journal

“Mei likes Blackivist. Brian can’t believe a naked woman walked into an elevator at the middle school.” Status Updates and Russian Trolls, Burningwood Literary Journal

dj lee superstition review blog

“But now that I was in the forest attempting to do as Abram had asked, something was holding me back. Possibly I felt exposed. Was it okay to talk candidly to a piece of sky with others listening in?” The Looking Back Superstition Review Blog

dj lee lunch ticket

“I’m a sucker for outer space, for how it is out there but inside too. When we inhale and exhale, we offer ourselves to space one moment and draw it into ourselves the next.” LIGO Lunch Ticket (Disquiet Literary Program Runner-up)

A Syntax of Splits and Ruptures, Superstition Review


Letter to America, Terrain: A Journal of Natural and Built Environments


Life After Life, Terrain: A Journal of Natural and Built Environments (7th Annual Nonfiction Award Finalist)

She Opened a Space in the Wilderness, Silk Road Review


Storyteller: An Interview with Terry Tempest Williams, Los Angeles Review of Books


Lyric Tourism, Los Angeles Review of Books

Scatterings, Los Angeles Review of Books

Ponies of Caldbeck Commons, Newfound: A Journal of Art and Place


The Longing of the Collector, Los Angeles Review of Books

Restoration and Ritual, Los Angeles Review of Books

A Human History in the Wilderness, Narrative Magazine

The 99, Vela. Also published in The Best of Vela.

Dale Flynn’s Blood, Broad Street: A Magazine of True Stories (Pushcart Prize Special Mention). Also published on Medium.

The Edge Is What We Have, Tinge Magazine. Also published in On Foot: Grand Canyon Backpacking Stories, ed. Rick Kempa.

Chiromancy, Paper Darts – Art & Literature

Luminosity, GHLL 24 (2013)

Collage, The Drum

Nature Twice: Poetry and Natural History, Washington State Magazine

Ted Tremper, The Art of Improv, Washington State Magazine

Fortyfive/Seventeen, Chapbook. Publisher’s Graphics, 2006.

Selected Scholarly

Traveling in Wilderness, The Cambridge History of Travel Writing

The Colonial Art of Demonizing Others: A Global Perspective,  New West Indian Guide / Nieuwe West-Indische Gids

Preverse Romanticism (with Jenna Leeds), Modern Philology

History of the Essay (with Rachel Sanchez), Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Romanticism

Lost Girls, Lost Women, Prisms