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Honors English 298 Your Idea, Your Voice, Your Style: Writing for College and Life

 As writers, most of us many voices. Our voices and styles change as we do, evolving or devolving across situations and lifetimes. In this course, you will choose a topic that your are personally and intellectually passionate about and use that topic to engage different audiences for different purposes. You will try on different voices and practice a variety of styles from journaling, social media writing, personal essays, and artistic forms to narration, reflection, analysis, comparison, argumentation, and resesarch writing. The course will cover those styles you’re likely to encounter in your college career while highlighing the value of writing beyond your university experience. You will leave the course knowing which voices and styles work best for you and why, keeping in mind what writer Elena Poniatowska said: “One does not develop a style. One develops onself.” Class readings will be grouped thematically and provide examples and prompts.