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Creative Writing in the Genres

artifact_34In this introductory course, student explore three major literary genres: fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from a writer’s point of view. They develop their voice, style, and overall craft by studying an array of contemporary writers and by writing your own creative pieces. Students also learn the value of journal keeping. The point of a notebook, said writer John Gregory Dunne, is to jumpstart the mind. This journal is a place to record writing prompts given both in class and as homework, and also a place to jot down ideas and scenes that occur to you whenever the mood strikes. Students will discuss an array of literary works, listen to craft talks, respond to writing prompts, and participate in small group writer’s workshops. Students write several creative letters during the semester commenting on their own progress as a writer and reflecting on a revising goals. By the end of the semester, they will hand in a portfolio of revised work along with a final letter that describes their revision process and vision as a writer.